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I wanted to offer women an innovative product inspired by my needs backstage on Giorgio Armani fashion shows, a product that does all, that would be fast and faultless when applied, long lasting, and fault proof.

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Discover how the make up was realized step by step. Move the slider to apply Eye & Brow Maestro and reveal the elegant before and after.

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Use it also for
hair touch up!

Apply the chosen color or mix two shades and blend from the lash line up over the lid.

Use a darker shade on the outer corners and blend well.

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the eyes
Design<br>the eyes

Apply Eye & Brow Maestro underneath the cheekbones. Mix two shades to obtain the most natural shade, and blend well with the blender brush.

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2Define the
Define the<br>contours

Apply one shade darker than your natural brows with the brush to lift the brow line and embellish features.

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3Shape the
Shape the<br>brows


Armani#01 - jet black
Armani#02 - wenge wood
Armani#04 - ambre
Armani#05 - auburn
Armani#06 - copal
Armani#07 - almond
Armani#09 - gold
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The first must-have eye shadow cream

Nine shades that look like something out of a hair salon. Subtle, slightly iridescent tones of blond, dark blond, light brown, brown and even auburn. A gorgeous gold shade was added for evening sophistication. At last, women have an all-in-one make-up product that amplifies the natural beauty of their eyelids and their eyebrows, is easy to work with and has real staying power in a waterproof formula lasting 20 hours.

A carefully studied make-up tool

Giorgio Armani Beauty laboratories have designed the ideal partner for EYE & BROW MAESTRO in an original make-up accessory inspired by professional application techniques. Anyone can work like a make-up artist and create a personalised make-up.

Product zoom
Product zoom

An eyebrow brush
to shape the eyebrows

Product zoom

A flat angled brush used for precise
make-up application along the lash line
or on the eyelid for buildable coverage

Eye & Brow Maestro

One product does it all

Find out which shades suit you best

What is the color of your hair ?

What color are your eyes ?

The shades recommended for your make up are :


Answer two questions and discover which shades suit you best :


For a made to measure look, mix multiple shades, to create your own unique colors.

Thank you.

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Share the picture on social networks

For more luminosity and to further
open the eyes, add the lightest shade high on
the brow bone and on the inner
corner of the eye

Armani description

Design the eyes with color

Once the brows are filled in, we will clearly see a difference already. The brows structure the face and eyes. Apply the chosen color or mix two shades and blend from the lash line up over the lid. Use a darker shade on the outer corners and blend well. Use the tip of the brush to underline the eyes, from inner to outer corners.

Define the eyes with eyeliner

The eye liner can be added to give intensity.
Choose a darker shade for the eye and use the tapered end of the brush to draw a fine line along the lash roots. Complete the line on the inner corners and extend the line at the outer corners.

Shape the brows

Determine the ideal brow shape using the Eye & Brow brush before filling in.
Use the spiral end to brush the brows upward, then choose the color closest to the natural hair color. Use the tapered end of the brush to outline the brow underneath and above, then fill in the brow with short light strokes


01 - jet black

#01 - jet black

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02 - wenge wood

#02 - wenge wood

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04 - ambre

#04 - ambre

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05 - auburn

#05 - auburn

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06 - copal

#06 - copal

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07 - almond

#07 - almond

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09 - gold

#09 - gold

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