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Brow. Lining. Shadow. Contour. Hair touch-ups. Eye Do It All.

Giorgio Armani Beauty introduces Eye & Brow Maestro, our new multi-use eye product powered by the latest advances in make-up technology.

Eye & Brow Maestro is a product that does it all: use it as an eye brow pencil, eye shadow, or eye liner that can even contour the face or be used to touch up the hairline.

Born backstage, the product has been designed to facilitate quick and easy make-up application for an ultra-natural result.

“I wanted to offer women an innovative product inspired by C18my needs backstage on Giorgio Armani fashion shows, a product that does all, that would be fast and flawless when applied, long lasting, and fault proof.” Linda Cantello International Make-Up Artist, Giorgio Armani.

The unique texture can applied to both your skin and hair, with all shades being inspired by natural hair colour for effortless sculpting and shaping.

Available in 8 natural shades including subtle, slightly iridescent tones of blonde, dark blonde, light brown, brown and even auburn. In collaboration with a gorgeous shade of gold for evening sophistication.

How to choose your shade.
Choose the colour closest to the natural hair colour or mix to customise. The natural ‘base’ colours can be used alone or mixed with the coloured shades for highlights and coloured ‘accents’.

For the best result apply with the Eye & Brow Maestro Applicator.

A product that does it all. Eye and Brow Maestro is perfect to define any eye look.

‘It is in the eyes that you sense the strength of a woman’ Giorgio Armani.

A. Determine the ideal shape
1. Place the eyebrow brush diagonally from the side of the nose to the outer corner of the brow to determine the end of the brow line.
2. In the same way, determine the start of the brow: from the nostril to the inner corner of the brow.
3. Finally place the brush from the nostril to the centre of the eye to determine the highest point of the brow arch.

B. Colour with Eye and Brow Maestro
1. Use the spiral end of the applicator to brush the brows upward.
2. Using the tapered end, fill in the brows with short light strokes using a shade slightly darker than the natural hair colour. For a highlighted effect, mix a natural ‘base’ colour and an ‘accent’ colour before applying.
3. Begin at the inner corner, blending outward towards the brow end. Perfect the brow line by adding the Gold shade high on the brow arch.
1. Use the tapered end of the brush to draw a fine line along the lash roots.
2. Complete the line on the inner corners and blend upward onto the eyelid.
3. Extend the line at the outer corners and blend. Continue underneath the eye for more intensity.
1. Design your eyes by blending from the lash line upward over the lid. Eye and Brow Maestro can also be blended with other eye shadows or used as a base on the eyelid.
2. Use a darker shade on the outer corners and blend well. The darkest shades should always be closest to the lash line.
3. Use the tip of the brush to underline the eyes, from inner to outer corners. Blend well for a soft result. Complete the eye look with eyes to kill mascara on the upper lashes.
1. Choose a shade slightly darker than tour complexion or mix two shades.
2. Dab on just underneath the cheekbone, on the eye contour, along the side of the nose and on the chin and blend with fingertips for a natural sculpted look.

  • 01 - jet black
  • 02 - wenge wood
  • 03 - acajou
  • 04 - ambre
  • 05 - auburn
  • 06 - copal
  • 07 - almond
  • 09 - gold
  • 12
  • 13
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • £ 27.00
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