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Extreme shine, long-lasting wear, even easier application in a single strok... more
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Flawless manicure, Lasting shine color, Precise application


Transforming texture for a flawless manicure in one single stroke.
7 days of long lasting shine color.
Set & stretch brush for precise and quick application.


Nail lacquer

Extreme shine, long-lasting wear, even easier application in a single stroke and a wide range of colours: the new Nail Lacquer varnishes from Giorgio Armani Beauty meet every wish.

For perfect hands, Nail Lacquer varnishes offer a unique texture and nail colours complete with a top-coat sheen.
The new Nail Lacquers are based on a unique formulation that has created a gelified texture that changes throughout the different application stages. The stretch brush developed by the Giorgio Armani Laboratories makes shiny nail polish application extraordinarily simple.
Set a clean drop at the base of the nail
and easily stretch in flawless color veil.

For a professional finish, apply two coats. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next one to avoid damaging your manicure.

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