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MY WAY reflects Giorgio Armani’s commitment towards the planet’s natural environment protection, through eco-conception choices and the reduction of carbon emissions, the main cause of climate change.


From consciously sourced ingredients and forest preservation to its refilable bottle, MY WAY is committed to fighting against climate change and the erosion of biodiversity.

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Refill. Recycle. Reuse.

MY WAY refillable bottle reinvents fine fragrance for a more sustainable future allowing to reduce waste, reuse and recycle more.
Its innovative refill bottle can renew any of the formats without losing one drop of fragrance.
A luxurious and effortless way to reduce material use:
-64% plastic / -55% glass / -75% me/ -32% carton*

*1x50ml + 1x150mL vs 4x50mL


The vanilla blended in MY WAY's composition is sourced through local programs that support underprivileged and economically vulnerable communities based on fair trade principles, in collaboration with local NGOs.

The Indian tuberose flower captured within MY WAY, is sourced and hand-picked near Mysore, India, in the state of Karnataka.

The orange blossom note, extracted from hand-picked bitter orange fruits in Egypt, is created using an entirely natural effleurage extraction process.

Additionally, the fragrance is formulated with natural alcohol.


By combining eco-conception from its bottle design, to its ingredients, MY WAY reduces carbon emissions as of its introduction. The biodiversity protection program has captured 7000 tons of residual emissions in its first year.


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