The frankincense celebrated in a solar & enveloping fragrance

Harmonic Balance Giorgio Armani unveils the enveloping radiance of Encens... more
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Warm, Balmy, Sensual


A tribute to mythical accords of perfumery.


La Collection

Harmonic Balance
Giorgio Armani unveils the enveloping radiance of Encens Satin, a fragrance where each note is wrapped in a deep, luminous embrace, seducing with a soft carnal radiance. By subtly blending the warm notes of incense resin with the extract of golden frankincense using the latest developments in the perfumer’s art, Giorgio Armani has created a harmonic woody fragrance of both traditional warmth and modern spicy notes. With added hints of amber and vanilla, Giorgio Armani has created a fragrance that is a sensual bridge between the modern and the timeless.
Eau de Parfum ORIENTAL Golden frankincense from Somaliland

Backstage tip:
Perfume in a classic V shape beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other. THE SECRET: Mr. Armani came up with a navy blue (his favorite color) version of Bois d’Encens. A new nuance, softened, warmer.

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