A tribute to nature & mythical gardens

Inspired by the world's most beloved flower, this fragrance is a heady remi... more
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Solar, Crystaline, Contrast


This fragrance is inspired by the subtle intermingling of fountain waters and the scent of roses from the Alexandrian garden, fresh, moist; then warmed by the sun’s rays.


Les Eaux

Inspired by the world's most beloved flower, this fragrance is a heady reminder that the rose is truly distinct in nature.

The Rose Alexandrie luxury perfume showcases the Rose of May, in the spirit of the gardens of Alexandria. Drawing on the grace and distinction of the world’s most beloved flower, this damask rose perfume is prized for its highly complex alchemy, lending itself to an infinite number of compositions. Heady and intense, both soft and potent, this is a floral fragrance unlike any other. 

In Loving Dedication to the Rose 
“I wanted to create a fragrance which paid tribute to the rose, to the contrast in this strong and fragile flower. Rose Alexandrie is my dedication."

- Giorgio Armani

Perfume in a cloud around the head and shoulders so that the fragrance lightly falls.

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