Sì Rose Signature 50ml

Strong. Sensitive. Serene.

Strong. Sensitive. Serene. A lighter, more floral limited edition inspired ... more
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Sì Rose Signature 50ml

Sì Rose Signature 50ml

Strong. Sensitive. Serene.


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Floral Fragrance - Perfume - Perfume for Women - Fragrance for Women


Unique & innovative veiled-texture floral fragrance for women, in homage to the opalescence of rose petals.


Strong. Sensitive. Serene. A lighter, more floral limited edition inspired by Armani Couture fashion and the rose. For this year’s edition, the Armani Sì bottle is dressed with a beautiful satin ribbon that meets a Sì signature medallion in the centre.

Sì Rose Signature effortlessly reflects Sì Eau De Parfum’s fragrance structure, however the heart has been developed to incorporate two rose absolutes (May Rose & Turkish Rose) – two of the most precious roses used in perfumery. This reimagined form of the original EDP gives a radiant floral twist to the Sì trademark chypre. Sì Rose Signature reveals a heart that bursts with romance, and a combination of comforting vanilla and mysterious patchouli in the dry down - a beautiful mix of shadow and light. The perfect rose to gift, a unique edition from Giorgio Armani would never disappoint.

Layering tricks to personalise and extend the scent of Sì Rose Signature:

Sì Shower Gel
The perfect starting point to your fragrance layering, introduce the Sì Shower Gel to your routine - the most exquisite foundation to wear Sì Rose Signature.

Sì Body Lotion
Layer with Sì Body Lotion to intensify the moisture on your skin that will help lock in the scent of Sì Rose Signature, and ensure longevity. A simple way to intensify your fragrance, experiment to create a scent that’s unique to you.

Say Sì to life, Sì to Strength, Sì to Dreams, Sì to Freedom, Sì to love and Sì to yourself.
Perfume in a classic V shape beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other.

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